Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Another Mighty Mighty Fine Holiday Haul

Almost exactly a year ago I wrote about the Sha La La split flexi featuring Mighty Mighty and the Clouds that Santa had left under the tree. That prompted some friendly banter from our old pal Dirk in Germany who said, "If a gun were pointed at me in order to name my 10 all-time tunes, 'Gemini Smiles' would surely be on this list!" I made the ridiculous assumption he meant the studio version found on the 'Sharks' LP, the only take I knew. Silly me. He went on: "Yes, as neat as the 'Sharks' version is, I very much prefer the version from their second Peel session." If you know him, you understand the one from Peel is the only one he could have meant. I closed with, "[Mighty Mighty] had three total [Peel] sessions in '86 and '87... All of those songs together would make a hell of a release."

Later that day, after a little digging to find Dirk's coveted "Gemini Smiles" from Peel, I discovered, in fact, all of Mighty Mighty's BBC's sessions (the three from Peel plus one from Janice Long) had been compiled by Vinyl Japan (who else?) in 2001. I hunted around for a copy, but there didn't seem to be one available anywhere at the time. I mentioned it to Santa, and she (whoops, I mean he, sorry kids!) remembered when Christmas came around again. I can't help but wonder, could there be anyone else in the world who received something by Mighty Mighty for Christmas two years in a row? If you're out there, let me know. I want to be friends.

These two from the Beeb are dedicated to Dirk. It's been far too long. I hope you and your family are well. More from the holiday haul next time.

Throwaway (recorded March 25, 1986)
Gemini Smiles (recorded Sept. 24, 1986)


Charity Chic said...

And as if by magic Dirk pops up at JC’s place!

Brian said...

Wow, that’s crazy... but cool. Heading over. Thanks for the heads up, CC.

Dirk said...

Thanks, mate - two very cool choices! I can't help it, but Mighty Mighty are my favorite combo from 'that era' - did they ever write one bad song?

And yes, as mentioned on TVV, we are all doing as fine as possible here. The usual problems that come along with Corona are getting on me nerves a bit from time to time, then again, if I look over the Atlantic, I'm happy to be here in my "Safe European Home" (you probably won't understand this pun, Brian: there was a British band looong before C86, they were called 'The Clash'. 'Safe European Home' was the title of one of their tunes :-)).

Brian said...

How dare you, sir. Not the anti-American crack... that's well deserved... but any presumed ignorance when it comes to the Clash, well, that's a bridge too far! Glad you and your family are hanging in there. Thanks for the fascinating songs earlier this week at JC's place.