Wednesday, January 10, 2018

All Aboard

Back in November I had a post on Ric Menck that got me on a real kick, and I have been listening to his bands obsessively ever since. It's going to be all Menck around here for the rest of the week. Let's start with something from Choo Choo Train. Americans Paul Chastain and Menck were, inexplicably, on the Subway Organization, one of the UK's best indie-pop labels ever, and they had a couple of releases for Martin Whitehead in 1988 before quickly rolling down the tracks. The "High" single was the followup to the jangle-filled goodness of the "Briar Rose EP". Paul takes lead vocals on the A-side, and that's Ric on the flip. Back tomorrow with another Chastain/Menck group from just about the same time period.

Trying to write shorter. That was my New Year's resolution. Yes, quantity over quality.

"Wishing on a Star"


charity chic said...

Quantity over quality has also long been my motto Brian

Brian said...

My guru.

The Swede said...

These tunes were on the Choo Choo Train compilation I once had. Good to hear them again.

drew said...

Good stuff Brian, new to me.

Judge Pop said...

Another 7" which went into my indie charity sale at a recent gig. Sold for £5 I think.

McPop said...

Hi Brian, I’ll take any and all posts that involve Menck/Chastain! I’ve enjoyed Paul’s recent music as Small Square, but I sure hope there’s proper Velvet Crush new material on the horizon. Cheers, Matt

Brian said...

Swede, Was it Briar High? If so, that's a really good one and all you probably need. This was a very short-lived band.

Drew, Glad you like it. No matter the moniker, these fellas bring the goods.

Judge Pop, Something tells me I should have been at that sale.

McPop, Velvet Crush coming up very soon. Sounds like you have kept up with the boys a little better than I have. Will check out Small Square.