Thursday, September 7, 2017


Here are a few dishes I feel like I'm never going to get to unless I do it right now. Hopefully, there is something here you'll want to put on your plate.

Still Hoping to Change the World Through Music
Way back in March, our hero, Paddy Joe, resurfaced with a less-than-polished looking video (maybe recorded on his phone?) for a new song titled "America." We all know about Mr. McAloon's health issues, and he continues to appear quite a bit rougher than the days when he regularly visited the pop charts. All indications would point towards disappointment... until McAloon opens his mouth. Stunning. Like the entire 2013 album 'Crimson/Red', listening to "America" feels like a miracle. McAloon has much to say too. My favorite line: "Liberty welcomes everyone, now she's blushing in the sun." There is no news of an impending album. I think, for now, we should be content with McAloon surprising us with a video like this every once in a while. Be well, Paddy Joe.

More on the New LP From the Granite Shore
As promised, I return with preorder news on 'Suspended Second.' Official release date is still Oct. 13, but copies are expected at Occultation HQ in about a fortnight. With that in mind, preorders are being taken now. Here is the label's description of your vinyl ordering options:

The standard edition is a 180g stereo LP in a laminated gatefold sleeve with full-colour printed lyric inner. The deluxe adds a second mono LP, CD, A3 poster, 12" insert with an essay and two laminated full-scale Tarot cards. It's very limited and available only from us and Fishrider.

Occultation reminds us the rates on the deluxe edition are preorder prices. Expect an increase once stock arrives. Here's more from Occultation:

The events of the last year have hit the label hard. The cost of making records has shot up due to the weak pound; although we press vinyl in the UK, most raw materials are imported. We're offering the Deluxe LP at a discounted price until copies actually arrive, as an incentive to preorder, and you get MP3s immediately. The price will then go up as high quality in small runs is expensive.

In other words, if you want 'Suspended Second' in all of its glory, don't dawdle. Preorder now. Here's another song from the album...

Must Be the Irn-Bru
I have no idea why the best indie-pop has been coming out of Scotland since 1980. Just keep it coming, I say. Here is another in a long line of Glaswegian bands I have been enjoying the past few weeks. I know very little about this trio. It appears Marble Gods have only been around a short while, but this catchy four-song cassette leads me to believe this is one band to track. Hopefully one of my pals from my favorite city on the planet will catch them opening for someone.


charity chic said...

Not for the first time I hear of a Glasgow band through you Brian!

drew said...

I will keep my eyes peeled for them Brian. Although Stiff has probably already seen then, as he gets to far more gigs than me these days and some really random ones. They may be playing the upcoming Teanment Trail (checks), unfortunately not.

The Swede said...

Paddy's track is absolutely fabulous, the Granite Shore deluxe set is ordered and the Marble Gods are currently setting my foot-a tapping. Nice one Brian!

Echorich said...

America already has a seat at my year end table...that I can promise. I have shared this song with almost anyone who dares try to discuss politics with me. Paddy is more than a bit withering in his commentary, but he is still a sly Pop craftsman surrounding it with heartfelt and touching sound.

Occultation Recordings said...

Thanks for mentioning the Granite Shore LP. We've now got the LPs so preorders will be shipped out this last week in September. Thanks to everyone who's already ordered, times really are very tough indeed. We don't think you'll be disappointed, the vertical gatefold sleeve is laminated inside and out and on lovely quality board, printed inners are also high-quality, the Tarot cards (two) are also laminated both sides, plus you get an insert and a poster, as well as a CD and 2xLPs with the stereo and mono mixes of the album.
Thanks again
Occultation Recordings