Wednesday, September 13, 2017

New Indie Pop From a Couple of Old Favorites

Whenever there is an announcement pertaining to Pete Astor, that's top of the fold banner headline news in these parts. Astor released the best album I heard in 2016, and he's followed that up with a move to Hamburg-based Tapete Records, home to favorites like Lloyd Cole, Robert Forster and the Monochrome Set, and a 7" set for release in November. Here is a preview of the two-tracks. Like the songs of 2016 album 'Spilt Milk', James Hoare of Ultimate Painting, Proper Ornaments and Veronica Falls remains Astor's confidant on "Water Tower" and "What a World". Preorder here.

When your labor of love is a blog that focuses on indie pop, you're never going too many posts without the name Amelia Fletcher popping up. Lately, it feels like Fletcher is sharing the title of quintessential indie-pop heroine with the great Beth Arzy. If you only know her from previous bands Aberdeen and Trembling Blue Stars, then you haven't been paying much attention the past couple of years.

Arzy has been populating my year-end lists as a member of both Lightning in a Twilight Hour and the Luxembourg Signal, and now she adds a third active band to her resume. Jetstream Pony just released its debut 7" on German label Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten, and the following two songs prove Arzy still isn't stretching herself thin. If you're wondering who is playing the fuzzy guitar below, that's indie stalwart Shaun Charman. You know him from being behind the kit in the early years of the Wedding Present, Popguns and, more recently, the Fireworks. You can order the "Like You Less" b/w "Had Enough" single at Discogs.


The Swede said...

Good to hear Pete Astor maintaining the quality control, but hold the front page! The Jetstream Pony tunes are fantastic, particularly 'Had Enough' with it's scuzzy behemoth of a riff. Love it.

Judge Pop said...

There's also a passing similarity between "Had Enough" & "Almost Prayed" to link the two. Great track.

Brian said...

Swede, I see over at your place you've given Jetstream Pony lots of love today. Good man. This is the kind of record that will need that kind of attention at the blog/social media level to be a success. I'm sure they appreciate it.

Judge Pop, Nice to hear from you. That comparison is spot on. Everyone should have a song that sounds like Almost Prayed. An absolute all timer for me. On another note, that lineup for the Indie Rock-a-Nore Festival is a thing of beauty. Would love to fly over for that one! The charity the festival supports is close to my heart as well. My best to your family.

Echorich said...

Astor is on a real role. This is some fantastic music. What A World is kinda goose bump inducing!.

So the 60s, for me means Warhol's Factory, VU, fuzzy guitar and metronomic drumming. 60s Rock is more about garages and street corners than concert hall and adoring fans. You can hear all of this in Jetstream Pony. They are the sound of St. Marks Place, The Electric Circus and Max's Kansas City. Just transporting.