Wednesday, September 27, 2017

ABCs of My Vinyl Collection (Letter F, Part 2)

It's pure coincidence I find myself up to Bryan Ferry at the same time JC has had two interesting posts on Roxy Music. I have always been a much bigger fan of Roxy Music than I ever was of Ferry's solo work, but I was really into his two mid-'80s albums, 'Boys and Girls' and 'Bête Noire'. I can think of a few reasons for this.

This was the time of my life I was most into Roxy Music. So, it just made sense to buy Ferry's new music. I was also into the aesthetic. As an impressionable teenager, I loved Ferry's look and the way he carried himself. He was the essence of cool. Still is, actually. The album covers and sleeves were sharp too. Finally, and maybe most importantly, my girlfriend really liked him. I have it on good authority she still does. I should know. I married her.

I would say Ferry's work with Johnny Marr during this period played a part as well, but that relationship didn't get me to buy "Avonmore' in 2014, did it? In fact, I never owned any albums by Ferry after 'Bête Noire', but I always give his new releases a listen with the hope this will be the one to bring me back in the fold. I may not own anything after 1988, but I do have a slew of 12" singles by Ferry from the 1980s. Here are a few of my favorites. Class.

"Slave to Love" (Special 12" Re-Mix)
"Don't Stop the Dance" (Special 12" Re-Mix)
"The Right Stuff" (12" Dance Mix)
"Kiss and Tell" (Extended Remix)


The Swede said...

Like you Brian, I always check out new Bryan Ferry releases in the vain hope that he might magically recapture former glories. No luck so far though.

drew said...

I will pass on these Brian. I never did warm to Ferry or Roxy Music. I think it stemmed back to always seeing those early albums in the house of a friend of my parents who always gave me the creeps, kinda Mr Smooth type and I've always equated their music with him. Plus I find Ferry's voice irritating. Sorry

Rol said...

I quite like Ferry when he's doing his smokey-voiced lounge singer routine. Whisper it to avoid the horrific reaction that may follow... I may even prefer it to a lot of Roxy.

(That's it, I've just been banished from the blogosphere.)

Brian said...

Swede, Been waiting nearly 30 years. That's patience.

Drew, That's as good reason as any. I had a similar situation. The creepy parents of my friend had Bowie's self-titled album. That's the only Bowie album they had. Why that one and then stop? Found that weird, and to this day I can't see the cover without thinking of them and getting an icky feeling. That was 33 years ago. I need to get into therapy.

Brian said...

Rol, You're in, brother. Wouldn't hold that against you. We like what we like, and that's that. Just wait until I start breaking out my secret stash of records on Misstep Mondays. Readers will be begging for later day Ferry.

friend of rachel worth said...

I really liked his last one. Hadnt bothered with anything since boys and girls, but for some reason took a punt (i think i was curious into what his take on johnny and mary would be like) and the lp ended up being pleasant surprise of the year (ride look like taking the honour for this year).

On a sep note saw Robert Forster last night and across the aisle within shoulder grabbing distance were Ben and Tracey, resisted the urge to gush)

charity chic said...

Bryan Ferry - the Lounge Lizard days!

George said...

Re. The Feelies - I've checked and I have nothing by them. Nada. Apart from the track I acquired via these pages.
2. Bryan Ferry. I'll decline todays choices. But I do have his single/EP from the 1970s that has a cover of The Everlys Price Of Love, a track I still like, and prefer to the original.

Brian said...

FORW, That Palmer cover was very good. It just made my top 20 songs of 2014. Didn't get me to buy the whole album though.
If I had seen Ben and Tracey at a Robert Forster event, I think I would have spontaneously combusted. I hadn't realized how close they had been to the Go-Betweens back in the day until I read Tracey's book.

CC, Hey! You shouldn't be here. You should be digging through the racks of charity shop throughout the north for our entertainment. Hope your trip is going well.

George, I think you might like the Feelies. They are best known for their first album, but I would recommend starting with Only Life. That's my favorite. All good though. Ferry certainly knows how to interpret a cover. I like Let's Stick Together quite a bit.

Post-Punk Monk said...

Post "Avalon" Ferry suffers from micromanagement syndrome as Ferry overworked everything. I can listen to it, but it's not as compelling as when the effort didn't show. One exception to this rule was the 2002 "Frantic" album, which I thought benefitted from a lightness of touch that nothing else he released after 1982 evidenced. Moreover, his co-write with Eno ["I Thought"] that closed out the album was stellar! It was the best song he'd written since "Stranded" to these ears. It actually sounded playful.

JC said...

As you said, coincidence that we posted at the same time. I love how we can agree to disagree!!!!