Thursday, February 12, 2015

Top 100 Tracks From the 1990s (No. 98)

98. "Put the Message in the Box"
Artist: World Party
Year: 1990

I was a fan of the Waterboys during the era when Karl Wallinger was with the band, and I had no problem following him to World Party. Unfortunately, I didn't think Mike Scott or Wallinger quite captured the magic of 'A Pagan Place' or 'This is the Sea' again, but they each had a few flashes. It took me a few recent listens to decide between this song and "Way Down Now," both minor hits here in America, but I went with the one with substance. I watched the music video a few minutes ago for the first time in many years. He sure had it bad for Lennon, didn't he?

See the world in just one grain of sand
You better take a closer look
Don't let it slip right through your hand


The Swede said...

World Party's first three albums were big favourites, but the band fell off my radar after that and I only discovered recently that Wallinger had been so very ill. Great to hear this one again.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Love your blog. I'm a big fan of World Party and "Put the Message in the Box" would be much higher on my personal list of top 100 songs of the 90's (probably in the top 10). The song is nearly perfect. I look forward to the rest of your list. Matt

Scott said...

Think you made the right choice Brian. This would be in my top tracks of the 90's.

Charity Chic said...

I've got Private Revolution which I got in a library sale.Not sure that I've given it a proper listen yet which I should rectify

Brian said...

CC, There are a couple of great songs on Private Revolution. If you ultimately decide it's up your alley, as the Swede says, the next two albums are worth your time.

Swede, It's been a long road for Wallinger for sure. I know he couldn't even talk for a while. I have to admit I lost touch with the band by the Bang album, and that was quite a bit before his health issue. I think he's doing well now.

Scott, Happy to hear you likes this one. I assumed I would get a few naysayers.

Matt, Welcome aboard. This is a song I thought I may get drummed for including. So, it's actually nice to get dinged in the other direction. It is a great song. Chime in when you can.