Sunday, February 15, 2015

Top 100 Songs From the 1990s (No. 96)

96. "Sublime"
Artist: The Ocean Blue
Year: 1993

It must have been a tough row to hoe to sound like this in 1993. It still stuns me these guys were from Hershey, Penn. I was a huge fan of the Ocean Blue's self-titled debut album in the fall of '89, even seeing them open for the Mighty Lemon Drops in early '90, but I didn't stick with them in the long run. In fact, during the band's three-album heyday with Sire Records, "Sublime" was the only song I owned that didn't come from that first album. In 2013, I bought the comeback album 'Ultramarine,' and I fell in love with the Ocean Blue all over again. Since then, I have gone back and bought up their entire discography. If you think this song is dreamy, you won't be disappointed with 'Beneath the Rhythm and Sound' or anything else from those Sire days.


Echorich said...

Have to agree Sublime stands out in the Ocean Blue catalogue. They certainly sounded more like they came from the north of England rather than the land of American chocolate.

Brian said...

Have you ever noticed when I post about the Ocean Blue it's just you and I in the wilderness? Anyway, happy you're out there, pal.

McPop said...

Cool song and truly "sublime". I really dig the Ocean Blue debut album and have several more from their catalog including the strong sophomore effort "Cerulean" and even the most recent release from 2013 "Ultramarine".

Great blog and enjoying the countdown so far!

Brian said...

McPop, it only took me an extra 13 years or so to learn what you already knew... Far from a one-album wonder.