Saturday, February 14, 2015

'Baby, Won't You Be My Valentine?'

This is a band that won't be featured on the '90s countdown, but there is a song from the Elvis Brothers' 1992 album 'Now Dig This' that only missed the top 100 by a whisker. Unfortunately, for you, the following song is not it. "Valentine" is a nice piece of power pop, however, and it really only works well today. So, here you go.

If you're wondering about the Elvis Brothers, I would highly recommend the 1983 'Movin' Up' for starters. I think back then Epic Records probably thought they had another Cheap Trick on their hands. Both bands were from Illinois, and they had that same fun-lovin' party sound. Although the trio opened for Cheap Trick on many occasions, alas, success eluded them. By 'Now Dig This,' they were on Recession Records out of Chicago. I have a signed copy of the CD that I'm guessing was sent to the record shop I worked for around the time of the release. I hope you and yours are having a nice day.



McPop said...

I know I'm late to comment on this one since Valentine's day has come and gone but had to chime in on the Elvis Bros. Great relatively unknown power-pop band. I have their first two albums on vinyl and "Now Dig This" on CD. Thanks for posting this awesome song.

Brian said...

McPop, We have the same record collection... right down to the format!

McPop said...

Yeah, it looks like we have a lot in common when as I look back at your post archives (I'm a latecomer to your blog). I'm a big jangle, power pop and pub rock fan. While I kind find a lot to like in the 90's, 00's and this decade, I have a soft spot for the 80's (my high school and college years). Some of my favorite artists include REM, Elvis Costello and XTC.

If you haven't already checked them out, Cherry Red has been putting out some excellent box sets recently. Scared to Get Happy: a Story of Indie Pop and a recent purchase of mine Millions Like Us: story of the Mod Revival. Both have great songs and quite a few bands I hadn't heard before.

Brian said...

McPop, Both of those box sets were preorders for me. Cherry Red does such an excellent job. My disdain for the '90s has come up a lot on this blog. The late '70s and and the '80s through about '87 is where it's at for me. Then around 2000 the switch turned on again, and I have never hungered for new music since. This countdown is a kind a therapy as I'm trying to sort out if the '90s were as bad as I remember, whether it's revisionist history or if outside forces (like life) caused me to lose touch.