Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Top 100 Tracks From the 1990s (No. 100)

100. "Jetzt!"
Artist: Die Fünf Freunde
Year: 1993

This is going to seem like a short and downright random way to kick off a countdown, but I know very little about the band behind this German nugget. Thankfully, it's a wonderful two-and-a-half minutes of horns, organ and jangle that needs no translation or explanation. Die Fünf Freunde shared the "Hit Doppel Decker" 7" with Die Time Twisters, Verdammt! via Viel Leicht Records, and it's still available in a couple of places, including Jigsaw Records. "Jetzt!" or "now," is the first of four songs on my list not sung in English. Let's see if our pal Dirk has anything to add...


Echorich said...

Enjoyed that! Thanks!!

The Swede said...

Needless to say, this is a new one on me. Nice one!

Dirk said...

Well, Brian, I'm really ashamed to say that I know nothing at all about this record, nor indeed the band. Of course I will immediately download it as soon as I get home from work today, I'm sure it's a gem! I had a look at discogs and the only common name was the lead singer's one, she later sang with Concord, one of L'Age D'or's finest artists!

george said...

Now THAT is a craking pop song. Cheery upbeat great tune. Reminds me of The Would Be's. But German.


Brian said...

Hi, Dirk. Well, hope you like it. If you dig up anything else you think I need to know, please pass it along.

George, I like your comparison here. As for your green post today, how could I possibly be disappointed with a Scritti Politti omission when you have Green on Red and the good reverend in one shot? I'm siding with your audience on Gas Food Lodging. A very good album that deserves another listen.

Think you can handle all of this '90s stuff? We have beaten up this decade so much... hope you find a few songs you like.