Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cover Me Impressed: A Hard Days Nick (Heyward)

Former Haircut 100 frontman Nick Heyward had two minor successes in the '90s... one on each side of the pond. Here in America, it was "Kite," a baroque-pop masterpiece from 1993 off of a pretty good album called 'From Monday to Sunday.' Two years later, the amazingly similar sounding "Rollerblade" cracked the top 40 on the UK Singles Chart. The album it was taken from, 'Tangled,' wasn't quite as good as its predecessor, in my humble opinion, but I would highly recommend the 'A Hard Days Nick' EP from 1995 that featured "Rollerblade." The real keepers are the three covers made famous by a certain band out of Liverpool. Heyward plays these straight as an arrow, and his pop sensibilities really shine through. The EP is out of print, but the 'Tangled' reissue from 2011 does include these songs as bonus tracks.

Nick Heyward - If I Needed Someone (mp3)
Nick Heyward - Nowhere Man (mp3)
Nick Heyward - All My Loving (mp3)

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