Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Macca Teams Up With MacManus: Part II

I posted most of the best stuff from 'The McCartney/MacManus Collaboration' yesterday, but there are a couple of other songs on the bootleg that may interest you. On March 23, 1995, Paul McCartney hosted a benefit at the Royal College of Music. This show would mark the first time McCartney would perform live with Elvis Costello. They performed "Mistress and Maid," one of the demos they worked on together several years earlier, as well as "One After 909," a song you may know from some other band McCartney was in back in the '60s. You can find this rare performance below.

I'm also including another demo of the Costello/McCartney-penned tune "Veronica." This version sounds a little more finished than the one I posted yesterday. Through the years, Costello has performed many of the McCartney/MacManus songs live, but one that I have not heard him do much is "You Want Her Too." If you enjoyed the demo of this song yesterday, I think you'll like this rare solo take from the stage.

Finally, here is about a minute of Costello cracking up during a rehearsal of "My Brave Face." I wish he could have held it together, as I love the speed and tightness he had going on this one. I seem to recall seeing this footage on a making of 'Flowers in the Dirt" video. On the tape, McCartney was talking about what a great team these two were... one that reminded him of another musician he used to work with back in the day. With this boot, the evidence is clear. McCartney and MacManus made a dynamic duo. I hope they work together again.

Paul McCartney and Elvis Costello
'The McCartney/MacManus Collaboration'

9. Veronica (mp3)
10. One After 909 (live) (mp3)
11. Mistress and Maid (live) (mp3)
13. You Want Her Too (live) (mp3)
15. My Brave Face (mp3)

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