Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Big Country: New DVD, Deluxe Edition Update

Well, now we know if there will be any previously unreleased material on the deluxe edition of Big Country's 'The Crossing,' out Jan. 30, and the news is good. There are 10 songs on the second disc that most of us die-hard fans don't own. You can already preorder it on the UK version of Amazon.

Disc 1: The Original Album
1. In A Big Country (Original Album - Universal Master)
2. Inwards
3. Chance
4. 1000 Stars
5. The Storm
6. Harvest Home
7. Lost Patrol
8. Close Action
9. Fields Of Fire
10. Porrohman
11. Balcony (B-side to Harvest Home)
12. Flag Of Nation(Swimming) (B-side to Harvest Home)
13. Angle Park (B-side to Fields Of Fire)
14. All Of Us (B-side to In A Big Country)
15. Heart And Soul (B-side to In A Big Country)
16. The Crossing (B-side to Chance)
17. Tracks of My Tears (Live) (B-side to Chance)

Disc 2: Demos
1. Angle Park (Stuart/Bruce 4 Track Demos 1981*)
2. Harvest Home (Stuart/Bruce 4 Track Demos 1981*)
3. We Could Laugh (Stuart/Bruce 4 Track Demos 1981*)
4. In A Big Country (Demo) (Rarities IV)
5. The Storm (Demo) (Rarities IV)
6. Big City (Demo) (Rarities IV)
7. Fields of Fire (Riverside BBC TV*)
8. Lost Patrol (Demo) (Phonogram Studios*)
9. Inwards (Demo) (Phonogram Studios*)
10. Thousand Stars (Chris Thomas*)
11. Close Action (Chris Thomas*)
12. Lost Patrol (Chris Thomas*)
13. Inwards (Chris Thomas*)
14. Fields of Fire (Demo) (Rarities IV)
15. Ring Out (Demo) (Rarities IV)
16. Thousand Stars (Demo) (Rarities IV)
17. Chance (Demo) (Rarities IV)

* previously unreleased

I'm not going to write about the awesome tour the band is doing to support this reissue. I have already done that. You should know, however, if you aren't one of the lucky ones to have seen Big Country since Mike Peters took over for the deceased Stuart Adamson, you can now buy a DVD/CD box set of the band's April 21, 2011 show in Edinburgh called 'Dreams Stay With You.' Here's "In a Big Country" from that concert. Did I mention I'm loving all of this Big Country news?

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