Monday, May 30, 2011

Here Comes the Summer

This is my first Memorial Day in the Pacific Northwest. It's one of those typically cool and cloudy days that define Seattle. Back at my old stomping grounds of Chicago, it was a sunny 88 degrees at first pitch of the Cubs game. So, while family and friends back in the Midwest are grilling weenies and catching rays, I'm inside, in front of the tube, watching my team get slaughtered. I bleed Cubbie blue, but today I'm green with envy. On second thought, I am blue. I...I...I... just want to be warm.

For my third annual ode to summer, I have chosen from about 50 songs I have on my iTunes with the word "summer" in the title (as well as a few others). If you live in my neck of the woods, I hope it brightens your day. If you live just about anywhere else in the continental United States, you probably don't need my help. To all, I wish you a fantastic summer.

The Undertones - Hear Comes the Summer (mp3)
The Who - Heatwave (mp3)
The Kinks - Sunny Afternoon (mp3)
Fountains of Wayne - It Must Be Summer (mp3)
Lucky Soul - One Kiss Don't Make A Summer (mp3)
Tracey Ullman - Sunglasses (mp3)
Chad & Jeremy - A Summer Song (mp3)
Frank Sinatra - Summer Wind (mp3)
Coconut Records - The Summer (mp3)
Ramones - Rockaway Beach (mp3)

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