Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Crenshaw Releases Live Song From '87

First off, big thanks to Marshall Crenshaw for finally having a respectable Web presence. Getting up-to-date info on you -- such as when that series of 7" singles you promised will start being released -- has been a challenge for quite a while. At least now I'll know where to look. Also, congratulations on 30 years since you put out your first single, "Something's Gonna Happen." It's your anniversary, but we are receiving the gift. Folks, you can download "Maryanne," recorded live in the summer of 1987 at First Avenue in Minneapolis, from Crenshaw's site or the widget below. It's a great song that appeared on his self-titled debut back in 1982.

For those of you participating in Crenshaw's contest on his site, here's a little help. His backing band at that time was his brother Robert on drums and the fabulous Graham Maby (of Joe Jackson fame) on bass. You can hear another song from that Minneapolis appearance on his live album '...my truck is my home.'

While we are on the subject of Crenshaw's first single, did you ever catch Ronnie Spector's cover of 'Something's Gonna Happen?' Spector recorded a five-song EP of Crenshaw songs in 1989 that sat on the shelf until 2001. This is really interesting. Her backing band was the Crenshaw brothers and Maby. This is an absolute must for Crenshaw fans. Buy it here.

Ronnie Spector - Something's Gonna Happen (mp3)

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