Friday, December 3, 2010

Primitives No Longer 'Out of Reach'

When the Primitives started its Facebook page a little more than a year ago, we were told some exciting news was coming soon. On Wednesday we finally received the bulletin we all assumed was coming: The C86 legends will, indeed, perform again. For now, it looks like they will only play in the United Kingdom. Those shows are slated for March 2011.

Since the chances of me catching any of these shows is somewhere around zero percent, I will shift my excitement to the announcement the Primitives will release a new four-song EP to coincide with these shows. The digital download, called 'Never Call a Secret,' will be out on Fortuna POP! in late February or early March. The songs are "Rattle My Cage," "Need All the Help I Can Get," "Never Kill A Secret" and "Breakaway." A couple of these songs are obscure covers from female artists. "Need All the Help I Can Get" was sung by Suzi Jane Hokum, and "Breakaway" was recorded in 1966 by Toni Basil. Yes, that Toni Basil. The band's original producer, Paul Sampson, returned to the studio to help them with these tracks. I hope they were able to capture the magic on the Primitives' first two albums, 'Lovely' and 'Pure.' I have to admit I never had their last album before the 1991 breakup, 'Galore.' Here's one of my favorites from 'Pure' to get you in the mood for the reunited Primitives.

The Primitives - Secrets (mp3)

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Tinsel Heart said...

Wow, that is good news! Can't wait to hear those tracks.