Monday, May 3, 2010

Rock Critic Faces His Extinction

What do you make of Christopher R. Weingarten's latest tirade against music bloggers? Popdose has a nice rebuttal here (as well as video of his entire speech). Mr. Weingarten may very well be right about the "me first" mentality that pervades the 'Net, but I only have to look as far as my record collection to see that the blogging community continually opens my ears to great music I never would have heard if I depended on Rolling Stone, Spin or the other dinosaurs to which Mr. Weingarten is a contributor.

Sorry, sir, I don't want you or your peers as my music filter. If Mr. Weingarten, like many rock critics, wasn't so smug, I would feel sorry for him. It must be awful to realize your way of life has become irrelevant. Even though I'm quite sure Mr. Weingarten is younger than me, my advice to him was going to be to stay out of the way, old man, but now I realize he isn't even in the way. You can stay right where you are. Nobody will even notice. Long live indie music, bloggers and the Hype Machine!

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