Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Raven Remembers Fleshtones

Since the 1960s, garage rock has never really gone away. From the same wave that gave us bands like the Plimsouls and Hoodoo Gurus came the completely underrated Fleshtones. I first heard of them because the band's leader, Peter Zaremba, hosted an I.R.S. Records-produced show on indie music called 'The Cutting Edge.' Along with 'The Young Ones,' these two programs made MTV must-watch television on Sunday nights back in the early-to-mid '80s. I was at an age when I was so enamoured with Zaremba's hair that I had to find out more about him. (I believe he still has those massive bangs, by the way, but now it's trimmed in silver.) That's when my fascination with the Fleshtones began.

Now, Raven has collected 26 of the band's best songs from their best era. 'It's Super Rock Time! - The I.R.S. Years 1980-1985' is 77 minutes of tunes from the 'Roman Gods,' Hexbreaker' and 'Speed Connection' albums, as well as assorted singles and tracks from EPs. Many of the songs have never been available on CD. If you are into Strokes, the Walkmen or any number of contemporary garage bands, check out this song below from the 'Children of Nuggets' box set that can also be found on 'It's Super Rock Time!' You won't be disappointed.

The Fleshtones - The Girl From Baltimore (mp3)

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