Tuesday, March 23, 2010

First Single From 'Together' Out Today

If you're counting at home (and you should be), 'Together,' the fifth album from the New Pornographers, hits the shelves in 41 days. Matador gave us a sneak listen of the track "Your Hands (Together)" exactly a month ago, and it sounded raucous and wonderful. Now, the label has released the first proper single on iTunes. The song is called "Crash Years," and it's one of those great Neko Case numbers you have been pining for. Sorry, but I'm not going to share this one. Please fork out the 99 cents. You won't be sorry. On the off chance you missed the viral release of "Your Hands (Together)," I will post that one again. Also keep in mind that tickets for the band's U.S. shows start going on sale later this week. Are they coming to your town?

The New Pornographers - Your Hands (Together) (mp3)

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