Friday, February 5, 2010

Music Samplers From My Youth: Part 3

In November 1987, Sire started a very good series of samplers with this one. It is one of the few samplers from my teen years that I bought on CD... and for the grand price of $7.99 to boot. 'Just Say Yes...' featured 14 bands from the label's stable and, to this day, I would swear by at least 10 of them. Several of the bands, including Depeche Mode, Echo & the Bunnymen/Ian McCulloch, the Smiths/Morrissey, Ice-T and the Mighty Lemon Drops would appear on other volumes of these samplers.

The really nice thing about this series is even though you may have been fans of these bands, chances are you didn't own the versions of the songs found here. I, for one, was a big fan of extended versions and remixes like these in the '80s. Although I loved several of the bands on this one, I did get introduced to a few acts from this CD that I really enjoyed. In 1987, I didn't yet know about Throwing Muses, The Mighty Lemon Drops or James. One song I really liked at the time was "No Stars" by Figures On A Beach". Although I never ended up buying any albums from this New England band, I still like the tune from this one to this day. Check out the tune and a couple of others below. By the way, the first two songs alone represent almost 17 minutes of music, and they are probably the best of the lot. If you only pick up one volume from Sire's series, I recommend this one.

1. Depeche Mode - Never Let Me Down Again (Remix Mix Version)
2. Echo & The Bunnymen - Lips Like Sugar (12" Mix)
3. The Mighty Lemon Drops - Out of Hand (Extended Version)
4. James - Ya Ho
5. The Smiths - Work Is A Four Letter Word
6. Figures On A Beach - No Stars (mp3)
7. The Wild Swans - Young Manhood
8. Ice-T - Somebody's Gotta Do It (Pimpin' Ain't Easy) (12" Mix)
9. Ramones - I Wanna Live
10. The Replacements - Can't Hardly Wait
11. Throwing Muses - A Feeling
12. Aztec Camera - How Men Are
13. The Casual Gods - Cherokee Chief
14. Erasure - Hideaway

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