Monday, February 22, 2010

EBTG's Tracey Thorn Preps Solo LP

I see dead routers. Thus, I was sans Internet for almost a week, but now I'm back in business. While I was away there were a couple of exciting announcements on the new-music front. Merge has snagged Everything But The Girl singer Tracey Thorn for her solo album, 'Love And Its Opposite,' out May 18. Thorn has been fairly quiet in recent years, but her voice made me melt back in the '80s. I first heard her on "The Paris Match," a beautiful song on the Style Council's 1984 album 'Cafe Bleu' (also known as 'My Ever Changing Moods'). I got into Everything But The Girl right after that, but I lost touch with the band when they entered their club stage in the '90s. It will be interesting to hear Thorn's sound this time around. Of particular excitement to me is the appearance of Jens Lekman on her new work. It seems like such a great pairing. Here are a few of my favorites from her.

The Style Council - The Paris Match (mp3)
Everything But The Girl - Each And Every One (mp3)
Everything But The Girl - Come On Home (mp3)
Tracey Thorn - Oh, The Divorces! (mp3) New!

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