Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cheap Shots at Cheap Trick

For the second time in a week, I'm responding to something I have seen on another music site. Last month, Brooklyn Vegan reported on Jason Falkner, Roger Joseph Manning, Jr. and Cheap Trick playing New York's Irving Plaza. Wow, what a dream bill! The photos, in particular, were fabulous, but one thing the hugely popular Brooklyn Vegan doesn't need is my praise. They are doing just fine. The real head turner, for me, is the comments section that followed. A large number of readers blasted Cheap Trick. Here is a sample:

Cheap Trick... really???? WHO F***ING CARES?!?!?!!!!


Cheap Trick are total punx

Simply the worst ever.

they should have retired long time ago.

one hit wonders. who cares.

An embarrassment to the eyes and an affront to the ears.

Cheap Trick will be remembered as nothing more than a footnote in music history, a weeping rash on the buttocks of rock and roll. They're cosmically awful.

Now, everyone is entitled to like whatever they want, but these readers seem to need a little extra credit to supplement their musical educations. Unfortunately, a few other BV readers not so subtly let them know as much through name calling. I promise not to resort to that. If you are in the camp that thinks Cheap Trick stinks, here is your homework. Please give the following songs a listen. I'm including a song from 2006 to dispel the theory the band is no longer relevant. I'll let these tunes and the more than 20 million albums the band has sold speak for themselves.

As Grace from 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' would probably put it, "Cheap Trick is very popular, Ed. Sportos, motorheads, geeks, sluts, pinheads, dweebies, wonkers, richies, they all adore them. They think they're righteous dudes." The band transcends both genre and clique for a reason. And if you young whippersnappers are regular visitors to BV, you must realize many of the bands you like are deeply influenced by Cheap Trick. If you haven't made this connection, as was also said on 'Ferris,' "I weep for the future."

Cheap Trick - Perfect Stranger (mp3) (2006)
Cheap Trick - Come On, Come On (mp3) (1977)
Cheap Trick - On Top Of The World (mp3) (1978)
Cheap Trick - Mandocello (mp3) (1977)


Diana said...

The negative comments about CT, on that article were outrageous. Cheap Trick's latest album received rave reviews and it was #2 on Classic Rock's magzine's, list of best albums, of 2009. My list of CT songs, that show's their talent and relevance:
1. Decaf, from the album Rockford, 2006
2. Miracle, from the album The Latest, 2009
3. Auf Wiedersehen, from the album Heaven Tonight, 1978
4. You're All I Wanna Do, from the album Woke Up With A Monster, 1994
5. Carnival Game, from the album Cheap Trick, 1997
6. Say Goodbye, from the album Cheap Trick, 1997
7. Dream Police, from the album Dream Police, 1979
8. Voices, from the album Dream Police, 1979
9. Surrender, from the album Heaven Tonight, 1978
10. Just Got Back, from the album All Shook Up, 1980
11. I'll Be With You Tonight, from the album Dream Police, 1979
12. Love's Got A Hold On Me, from the album One On One, 1982
13. Mrs. Henry, from the box set, Sex, America, Cheap Trick, 1996
14. California Man, from the album Heaven Tonight, 1978
and many many others.

Brian said...

Well done, Diana! I still have steam coming out of ears. Some of BV's hipster readers need to get a clue. Cheap Trick is absolutely essential... as you know.

Anneke said...

Wanna be real critisism or any comments of value or merit.
CT is one of the best live performing bands, who happen to have a new critically acclaimed CD out, who certainly by REAL music critics will NEVER be considered a "one hit wonder".
O yeah...and you know what?? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.They are HOT!!!

Mr. Suave said...

I haven't seen CT in a couple of years, but when they hit Seattle in '06 or '07, they rocked. It was a great show. And their latest album has a fistful of really good songs on it. Of course it's possible they gave a rotten show, but I doubt that is the norm. Great blog you've got btw, just discovered it and am eating it up!

Mr. Suave

Brian said...

Thanks for stopping by, Mr. Suave. Please jump in whenever you feel like it. You're absolutely right CT could have had a bad show, but many of these comments seemed to say CT, in general, is rotten. That's what got me foaming at the mouth. Take care.