Wednesday, February 10, 2021

More Trips Around the Track With BMX Bandits

Here are a couple of releases from BMX Bandits that are necessary only to the fan who has to have everything. "Islands in the Stream" (yes, it's a cover) came out in 1994 as half of a yellow 7" split flexi with short-lived BMX Bandits tribute band the Duglasettes on the flip. This was right smack in the middle of the band's Creation years. It came out on Bring on the Bull Records and was included with issue No. 4 of the WAAAAAAAAAH! fanzine. This proved to be the last issue from Richard Coulthard and Colin Babb, and they went out on a high note with interviews from the like of the Haywains, Blueboy, Brighter, Northern Picture Library and the Rileys. These are all bands you should find on your shelf.
Back to the song. Duglas goes Vegas camp on this one, complete with screaming girls and corny on-stage banter. It's a big smile, especially when he introduces Norman Blake on guitar. Like the original, this is a vocal duo, and the girl part is taken on by Catherine. That's all the sleeve says, Catherine, and I have always assumed it's Catherine Steven from the Groovy Little Numbers. She would have been part of gang, and it sounds like her too. Still, just an educated guess. This one is far from vital, but I love it anyway. Upon hearing it, Kenny must have rubbed his beard and said something like, "huh?" Dolly probably paused, giggled, and said something along the lines of "ain't that sweet." She's a very nice person.

Islands in the Stream

Here's another bonkers early '90s release. "Gordon Keen and His BMX Bandits" is a five-song EP that came out as a red-vinyl 12" and on CD via little known Sunflower Records. Most of the usual suspects join Duglas, including Joe McAlinden, Francis Macdonald, Eugene Kelly and Norman Blake. Opener "Your Class" is well known from 'C86.'

"Girl at the Bus-Stop" is from the mind of Dan Treacy and goes back to 1987. He sent a rough demo of the song to the band, and it became part of their show from way back. You can catch a live rendition on their 1989 album 'Totally Groovy Live Experience!' That Treacy demo didn't pop up officially until 2005 on 'And They All Lived Happily Ever After,' an odds-and-sods collection from Television Personalities. Incidentally, Treacy and BMX Bandits shared a split 7" in 1991 where they performed a song from each other's discography for a singles club. Treacy chose the aforementioned "Your Class."

If you're a fan of the Flying Burrito Brothers and liked how BMX Bandits called themselves BMX Bandidtos on 'C86,' then the title of this next one will be a big smile. Just don't expect it to sound like something from 'The Gilded Palace of Sin.'

Girl at the Bus-Stop
Hot Bandidto No. 1


Mass65 said...

"Girl at the Bus-Stop" (outtake version) is included in the spanish version of the C86 album too.

Swiss Adam said...

Thanks Brian. My BMX Bandits knowledge expands again

Brian said...

Welcome, Mass65. Yes, the song pops up on some of those later reissues of C86 ('C86 and More') as a bonus track... Hot Bandito No. 1 too, for that matter. Another one of those reissues with a terrible cover, but the music on that one is stellar, isn't it?