Monday, February 1, 2021

'A Different Kind of Tension'

Was perusing the shelves yesterday... looking for something to listen to while doing mundane household chores. Can't say I got much done during the extremely short side A of the 1986 compilation 'A Different Kind of Tension,' but what an enjoyable listen! Side B was a much bumpier ride (the Beloved, Vee VV, Stump, the Wedding Present, the Shamen), but these first five songs are quintessential 'C86.' Some of the best offerings from Dreamworld, Subway and Pink. Quality. The album came out on Pressure Of The Real World Records, and this was the label's only release. Weird.

This is the kind of comp that should have made quite an impression on my musical tastes in my youth, and I usually have a mind like a steel trap when it comes to these things, but I have no recollection of when or where I picked this one up. Troubling. Leads me to believe I got this later in life when I already had these songs but couldn't resist buying it anyway. That happens a lot.

The Mighty Lemon Drops - Like an Angel
Soup Dragons - I Know Everything
One Thousand Violins - Like One Thousand Violins
The Wolfhounds - Cut the Cake
June Brides - Every Conversation


Echorich said...

It's a fantastic album! I found a copy in the boxes of a record store that was closing in the early 2000's and although I wasn't finished going through everything, I moved right to the register and purchased it and then put it in a cubby to be added to. I feel like its an alt C86 album, one of the best of the copycat releases. That June Brides track is a thing of wonder!

Scott said...

I was listening to this very album last night. Can't fault any of the five tracks you've posted Brian, agree with Echorich that Every Conversation is a thing of wonder. Had the pleasure of seeing a few of these bands in '86/'87 live in Glasgow.

Dan Destiny’s Silver Dawn said...

Echorich, Scott: great to see you sharing your love of the wonderful June Brides. You’re right, Every Conversation is a thing of wonder!

I remember this comp coming out, but as I had all of the tracks on side one + the Weddoes on single already, I passed. As with Bri, not so keen on the other tracks. Love those 1000 Violins releases on Dreamworld.

Howard said...

Hi Brian,

Yes, this was a "who knew to put so many favorite bands on one record?!" release.

Have to put in a good word for early Beloved. I enjoyed the first few singles before they embraced the trippy/trancy sound.


Brian said...

Hey Howard. Yes, I’m with you on the pre-DJ stuff, and I’m truly not being harsh on Side B. I just think when comparing to side A there is no contest. Any side with the Wedding Present on it can’t be all that bad.

Pleasantly surprised to hear from two Americans on this album. One thing everyone on this page can agree with is June Brides. As good as it gets. Thanks for chiming I’m fellas. Really appreciate it.