Monday, December 23, 2019

A Festive 50: Favorite Songs and EPs of 2019

Here are the EPs, singles and album tracks that kept my head bobbing this year. There were quite a few other songs that belonged here, but in a nod to Mr. Peel, I like to keep it at 50. Apologies to these acts who were in the first 10 out: Cate Le Bon, Zebra Hunt, Lloyd Cole, Flying Fish Cove, Lisa Prank, Joy Cleaner, the Groove Farm, Elva, the New Pornographers and, especially, Seattle's own the Regrets. Their song "Swagger" was No. 51. There are a couple of songs on this list that debuted before this year but appeared on 2019 albums. As in the past, I considered these fair game. If a single had a spectacular B-side, I listed that too. Also, as usual, one slot per band. What did you like this year? What did I miss? Rants and raves in the comments, please. Much appreciated. It's a great way to discover new music.

50. Corduroy - "Portico"
49. Piroshka - "What's Next"
48. Patience - "The Pressure"
47. Magnapop - "Need to Change"
46. Star Tropics - "The Other Side of Midnight"
45. Mammoth Penguins - "Closure"
44. The Stroppies - "Cellophane Car"
43. The Catherines - "Just a Matter of Time Until I Cringe"
42. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - "In the Capital"
41. Failed Flowers - "Faces" b/w "Broken Screen"
40. The Perfect English Weather - "Sunny Studios - Live Acoustic EP"
39. The Lilac Time - "Return to Us"
38. Wilco - "Love Is Everywhere (Beware)"
37. Bob Mould - "Sunny Love Song"
36. House Deposit - "Cruise Control"
35. Parsnip - "Rip It Off"
34. The Monochrome Set - "Come to Me, Oh, My Beautiful"
33. Robert Forster - "Inferno (Brisbane in Summer)"
32. Boyracer - "Laissez Faire"
31. Rat Fancy - "Never is Forever"
30. that dog. - "Old LP"
29. Red Sleeping Beauty - "The Swedish Winter"
28. Champion of Youth - "Bearpits"
27. Comet Gain - "Mid 8T's"
26. Business of Dreams - "Chasing That Feeling"
25. The Boys With the Perpetual Nervousness - "Close the Doors"
24. Seablite - "Time Is Weird"
23. Jeanines - "Winter in the Dark"
22. Yola - "Faraway Look"
21. The Royal Landscaping Society - "Clean"
20. Tullycraft - "Passing Observations"
19. Mick Trouble - "Thank You Miss Margaret"
18. Math and Physics Club - "Indian Ocean (The End of Everything)"
17. The Claim - "The Journey"
16. The Ocean Blue - "Kings and Queens"
15. The Catenary Wires - "Sixteen Again"
14. Mighty Mighty - "Where Would I Be?"
13. The Ocean Party - "Nothing Grows EP"
12. Molly Burch - "Only One" b/w "Your Party"
11. den Baron - "Bonving"
10. The Hit Parade - "Joey's Girl"
9. The Proctors - "Letters to the Girl"
8. Jasmine Minks - "Step by Step" b/w "Gravity"
7. A Certain Smile - "Bae EP"
6. Lucy Dacus - "2019 EP"
5. Nick Lowe - "Love Starvation"/"Trombone"
4. The Popguns - "Carrying the Fire EP"
3. Le SuperHomard - "Paper Girl"
2. Robyn Hitchcock and Andy Partridge - "Planet England EP"
1. Jetstream Pony - "I Close My Eyes" b/w "It'll Take More Than a Friday"


Echorich said...

There is quite a lot here that I missed, some that I just didn't pay enough attention to and regret that (The Lilac Time, certainly.)
We crossover with Bob Mould, Hitchcock & Partridge and The Monochrome Set, but different tracks.

Charity Chic said...

Plenty for me to explore from that list Brian
Merry Christmas to you and yours

Alyson said...

As you would probably expect I don't recognise many of the names on this list, but if I find myself with some time over the festive period I will investigate further.

Merry Christmas to you and the rest of the clan in Seattle.

Howard said...

Hi Brian,

Here's my 25. Several overlaps as expected (what can we say?!) but always like to see others from a fine palate as yours.

---25 of Howard’s fave Singles / Digital tracks / EPs from 2019
Artist – Single/EPs (in alphabetical order by artist)

Astragal – Moderne Luxury
Battery Point – Desire
Belinda May – Everyday in Love
Beverly Kills – Revellers
Bug Bites – Oh Well
Close Lobsters – All Compasses Go Wild
Cozy Slippers – A Million Pieces
Ducks Unlimited – Get Bleak EP
Ex-Vöid – Only One
Failed Flowers – Faces (SLR30 7”)
Fanclub – All The Same EP
Fortitude Valley – Wreck
The Gentle Isolation – Alone For A While
Jetstream Pony – I Close My Eyes
Math and Physics Club – Indian Ocean (The End of Everything)
The Muldoons – Don’t Be Like That, Girl
No Middle Name – Meet The Folks, Pt. 1
Olivia’s World – Blotter
The Proctors – Letters To The Girl
Quivers – When It Breaks
The Royal Landscaping Society- Clean
Salt Lake Alley – But You Do, You Do
Star Tropics – The Other Side of Midnight
Starry Eyed Cadet - Slow
Terry vs. Tori - Heathers

Brian said...

Hi Howard. I saw your lists at your place, and I don't mind telling you that although we do have overlap there is plenty I don't know at all and will be investigating. I can't tell you how excited I am to get a new album from the Lobs.

Pop Judge said...

So glad you put Le Supehomard in there. Saw them live at The Great escape and then bought their album. Absolute cracker. Surprised not to see Penelope Isles in there which was my album of the year that's the beauty of music I guess.