Wednesday, June 26, 2019


Still can't shake the soundtracks. Like with Wes Anderson, I have this great 20-song mix of songs heard in the films of Noah Baumbach that I find myself listening to on my iPod with regularity. Bowie, Prefab Sprout, OMD, Macca, Suicide, Blondie, the Feelies, the dB's, Harry Nilsson... it's quite a collection. I wanted to share a couple of my favorite musical moments from his 2012 film 'Frances Ha.' Baumbach pays homage to filmmakers of the French New Wave throughout, and that includes the soundtrack. One of the most memorable scenes is when a gleeful Frances runs through the streets of New York to "Modern Love."

In an even better use of music, the financially strapped Frances, in trainwreck mode after learning from a stranger that her best friend is moving to Japan, makes the spontaneous and desperate decision to take a two-day trip to Paris on her credit card. The entire trip is one darkly comical event after another, including seeing 'Puss in Boots' at the cinema out of complete boredom.

"Every 1's a Winner" is interspersed perfectly throughout every scene of the doomed excursion. It's the best use of music in film I have seen this decade. If you haven't seen 'Frances Ha,' get on it. Here is Hot Chocolate from my slightly scratchy 7".

Hot Chocolate - Every 1's a Winner


drew said...

Never heard of this film, never mind seeing it. Will need to seek it out. Ta pal

Brian said...

Drew, I have liked all of Baumbach's films since the Squid and the Whale. In my opinion, this one is probably his best.