Thursday, October 4, 2018

A Little Deeper Dig With Dislocation Dance

That last post may have given the impression the sounds of Dislocation Dance had that early-'80s sound to which not everyone out there is enamored. Well, here's one of my favorites from a slightly earlier time. The single "Rosemary" is the bridge between the band's post-punk days and the slick sophisti-pop era that was to come. I would love to tell you this one caught fire and raced up the indie charts, but it only appeared there for a week in the summer of '82, peaking at a lukewarm No. 46. If you're wondering about the conspicuous absence of Kathryn Way's pipes, she left the band briefly and came back just about the time the single was released. There is a funny clip of the band performing this song for French television where Way is miming Andy Diagram's trumpet part on the saxophone as she dances around with nothing better to do. What a cutie! You can find it in the regular places.



drew said...

I like that Brian but it makes me think of this I think MES may have listened to Dislocation Dance or probably more likely Brix

Brian said...

Thanks Drew. Yep, I hear it. A little Bend Sinister action. Probably won't surprise you I like that album.

JC said...

I danced to this afew times in my student was loved by one of the DJs and he gave it a spin every few weeks. Haven't heard it in more than 35 years. Thanks!!!!