Monday, May 1, 2017

Two Great Songs That Sound Great Together

Ever since Echorich and others celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Clash's debut album, I have been stuck in the late '70s. Stuck isn't the right word since I'm happy to be here. I recently assembled a mix of songs from 1977-1979 that shares one thing in common with the dozens of other '70s mixes that have come before it. I always have these two songs back to back. Sounds like they were separated at birth. We should prepare for a plethora of posts celebrating the big 4-0 for many of the best albums in your collection. These next few years are going to be packed with 'em.

Eddie & the Hot Rods - "Do Anything You Wanna Do" (1977)
The Records - "Starry Eyes" (1978)


C said...

You're so right, these two sound great together. Also very reminiscent of their era for me, as 'Do Anything You Wanna Do' was one of the first singles I bought and played endlessly at the time - memories of how that song made me feel are so very vivid (those words spoke to this wannabe rebel schoolgirl!) as well as hot Summer days, Top Of The Pops and cap sleeved tshirts... ah... I'm back there. And I'd never even knowingly heard Bruce Springsteen at that time - but have heard many people since say it sounds like him and choose not to dwell on it ;-)

And 'Starry Eyes' is just perfect feelgood power pop (no pun intended with the 'feelgood' and Southend connection!)
Talking of the Southend connection, have you seen this

In case not, it's a great documentary covering the whole scene; I know one of the talking heads featured in it from old (lost touch now but he's on here talking about Will Birch and the Records just after the Kursaal Flyers bit. Think he spent a spot of time managing Eddie & The Hot Rods too!)

But, oh, the big 4-0 for those much-loved albums! Yes indeed! How scary...

The Swede said...

I read something about The Jam over the weekend and said the very same thing to Mrs S. 'In the City' turns 40 on May 20th. It's not necessarily their best work, but the anniversaries are just going to keep on coming from now on.
It's funny how some songs come to 'belong' together, to the extent that they can sound half-naked if heard in isolation. The Rods and The Records sure sound sweet one after t'other.

JC said...

I can't recall The Records whatsoever and certainly don't recall this particular song.

I loved Eddie & The Hot Rods back in the day, but it was one that I felt dated pretty quickly...the post-punk/new wave that came along just afterwards was more my bag.

But would you all please stop with this 40 years ago stuff? Between that and Iggy being's proof I'm through middle age and into ancient territory.

The Swede said...

Welcome to my world JC!

Rol said...

Always loved Eddie & The Hotrods but never heard this one by The Records either. I do have some other tracks by The Records deep in my collection though. Must dig them out and give them a spin...because I'm not sure I ever have. (Funny how that happens.)

Brian said...

Thanks for chiming in everybody. Although from a UK band, Starry Eyes was a bigger hit over here. It's considered a power-pop staple now and shows up on compilations touting the genre quite frequently. That's where I found it about 25 years ago. Thanks for the link, C. Looking forward to diving in to that one. These 40-year anniversaries are tough to swallow, aren't they? The clock is running fast, surely. In the City is well worth a celebration. My Aim is True is coming up fast too, along with so many others.

Anonymous said...

I always had those two songs on any great tape, but I would also throw on Bram Tchaikovsky's "Girl of My Dreams", The Jags "Back of My Hand", and the US band The Humans "Don't Be Afraid of The Dark"...I am from the US, and these songs were only played on college radio.

GC "From California"

Brian said...

Welcome, GC. With you on those other songs, especially Girl of My Dreams. Wrote about Bram not too terribly long ago. Cheers.