Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Lush to Leave Us Again

The early bird really does get the worm. I subscribe to Lush's email blasts, and the statement we received yesterday was to announce the band was hanging it up again. There should be no mourning. This short-lived reunion was like manna from heaven. Wholly unexpected and fulfilling. Best part is we will be able to recall this era forevermore with the gorgeous 'Blind Spot EP.' That would have been reward enough, but yesterday's message of the split also included the news of another release to chronicle this period together.

On Sept. 26, Lush performed its first American live radio session in about 20 years for KCRW's show "Morning Becomes Eclectic." The eight tracks have been gathered for a limited CD release though the band. Here is where that damn early bird rears its ugly head. I went to bed last night with thoughts of posting this news in the morning and, of course, placing my preorder. Well, you can guess what happened. Sold out. Gone. Vanished. For those of you who had the gumption yesterday, your copy should ship around Nov. 28, three days after Lush's last performance. Those of you in the Manchester area are in for a memorable show, I'm sure. Here is the tracklist for the KCRW appearance.

1. De-Luxe
2. Lit Up
3. Out of Control
4. Ladykillers
5. Desire Lines
6. Etheriel
7. Sweetness and Light
8. Scarlet

You could really hear through the music this chapter was not your ordinary reunion cash grab. Thank you to Lush.


Echorich said...

Happy/Sad. Any new Lush was an exciting prospect. The Blind Spot E.P. proved that excitement and anticipation was well worth it. I am sad though that they won't continue. What they have given us is more of everything they do so well and they stood behind this work with a tour. So I can't be upset that they feel this was everything they had to offer. They offered us a lot.

Brian said...

I understand your feeling, especially since the new music was so good. Bottom line is they want to be home with their families, and that's as good a reason as any to call it a day.

TheRobster said...

They announced last week that Phil had quit so I did wonder if something like this was on the cards. Lush was the four of them. The fact they came back as just the three of them plus a mate was unexpected but joyous. Makes sense that with just the two of them left they should call it a day.

My CD and t-shirt are duly ordered. A nice Xmas pressie to myself!