Friday, November 11, 2016

'Going, Going...' But Not Gone Yet

Quick update. You may recall more than two months ago I went on a rant about how I couldn't find a vinyl copy of the Wedding Present's new double album 'Going, Going...' anywhere on this side of the Atlantic. Loyal reader (and former pal!) Misterprime chimed in with this soul-crushing nugget: "At the risk of rubbing it in a little, I bought the Wedding Present from good ol' Rough Trade here in Nottingham over a week ago - and it's a thing of true beauty..." Well, I can finally forgive Misterprime because the music gods have finished teaching me a lesson on patience and perseverance. Athens-based HHBTM Records has come to the rescue for those of us an ocean away from Weddoes HQ. You can preorder the cinematic masterpiece now. The official release is next Friday, November 18. Don't dawdle. This is a run of 500 copies.

In other news, HHBTM has a couple of other Gedge-related projects available on vinyl we thankfully no longer have to label tough finds. In 2015, the Wedding Present's 2012 album 'Valentina' got a complete reworking by his other band, Cinerama, and it's a completely different but beautiful journey I highly recommend you pick up with 'Going, Going...' Order here.

I don't want to forget 'Take Fountain' either. If you missed the Wedding Present's 2005 album, here's your chance to make this purchase a perfect trifecta. I know it seems like America is falling apart, but when the Wedding Present gets finally gets its due over here, you can't help but feel a little more hopeful.

Nov. 17 Update: Just got word there will be a delay. The new release date, according to HHBTM, is Dec. 2. Not a big surprise, is it? We all know how these things go. Let's continue to root and support these indie labels!


drew said...

Going, Going is great apart from one track, Secretary which to me feels totally out of place and not very good at all!

Brian said...

Hey, Drew. I remember you conveying your feelings on the track when you wrote about the album two months ago. Your description of the album was spot on.

I suggest those that missed it the first time check it out.