Wednesday, August 31, 2016

More Letter Cs Not In My Vinyl Collection

A couple of more shots from the family vacation. This is one of the plethora of hot springs at Yellowstone National Park. The bacteria mats growing on the top of the boiling water made for some of the most unusual colors I have ever seen. You felt like you were on another planet. The strong stench of sulfur was the only downside to the gorgeous display.

It's mating season for the bison, and that made for some swell battles for the affection of the good-lady bison. Here is a couple looking for a quiet spot away from my prying eyes. We spent quite a bit of time watching the wildlife, and we saw wolves, wild horses, elk, foxes and even a bear... from a safe distance, of course. If you head that way, bring your binoculars. I promise it's better than any television you'll turn on tonight.

I have access to the music room again, and I'm back to ripping vinyl. The series will resume next time. Meanwhile, I thought I would choose a few more random artists from the C section of my CD shelves. This first one was a recommendation from reader (and occasional Nottingham correspondent) MisterPrime. A couple of years ago he told me about Preston, UK's the Cavalcade, a duo that recorded the album 'Many Moons' in a bedroom around 2010. It's sad-sack music Matt and Clare would have salivated over if Sarah was still around. The fine folks at Pebble Records ended up with the honors. I will be forever grateful to that label for bringing back my beloved Orchids. It's obvious those folks have impeccable taste.

"Your Old Room"

Just about everything by Neko Case can be found on the CD shelf, including all of her work with the New Pornographers. I love that voice, but I have to admit I have continued to buy her work more for the entertainment of Mrs. LTL than for myself. Her fandom eclipsed mine around 2008 with the release of 'Middle Cyclone.' If my wife chose one song from Ms. Case's vast discography for this post, I believe it would be this one. According to my iTunes, it has been played nearly 300 times.

"This Tornado Loves You"

I believe Camera Obscura made quite a leap between the albums 'Underachievers Please Try Harder' and 'Let's Get Out of This Country,' but I can't help myself from having a soft spot for the simple sounds of the early years. Here's the opener from the aforementioned 2003 album. This is where I came in. Still can't believe you are gone, Carey. You are missed by so many.

"Suspended From Class"

Drew at Across the Kitchen Table was waxing poetic just yesterday about his time in Stockholm, and I noticed he mentioned the Concretes, a band that I got into in 2004, but I didn't stick around beyond that brilliant debut album. I think it was the departure of Victoria Bergsman that may have prompted my apathy. If this was a mistake on my part, feel free to let me know it. Here is a very memorable song from the self-titled debut. It got some traction here in America when it was used on a Target commercial. Somehow, I managed not to hold that against them.

"Say Something New"

Last time, I was going on about how in the middle of the last decade the Crayon Fields had become a blogging sensation. Here is another one of those bands that caught fire at about the same time, with lots of help from the hype machine, but the flames were extinguished the moment they got signed. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah had a terrific self-released debut album that seemed inspired by David Byrne, and I bought the sound hook, line and sinker. That's the last thing I ever bought from them.

"Is This Love?"


TheRobster said...

I also loved the first Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! album, but I have kept up with them since. They never made a better album, or one that came close to being as good, but there have been some decent tunes since.

charity chic said...

Really loved Neko Case's early stuff but only got as far as The Tigers Have Spoken

charity chic said...

Played Tigers in the car today and was not that impressed

Misterprime said...

Very occasional! I'll be sure and let you know how this year's Nottinghm POP! All-sayer goes next month, mind - looking forward to Allo Darlin, the Fireworks and the Hayman-Kupa band this time round!

Brian said...

MisterPrime, It's been too long, my friend. You are always welcome. Looks like a very nice lineup in Nottingham. I haven't picked up that new Fireworks EP. Should have a full album in 2017, I hear. Will be tough to top that one from last year.

CC, Have to say I kind of like that one.

Robster, I read CYHSY is a one-man show these days. I have about half of Some Loud Thunder as mp3s, but I just never got too excited about it. Like you say, not terrible, just not like the first one.

The Swede said...

Sorry Brian, this post totally eluded me until today. My word, how I loved those early Concretes releases.

drew said...

There was an earlier Concretes album, Boy You Better Run Now which is well worth getting your hands on.
Suspended From Class is such a great song.

Anonymous said...

I'd agree with Drew on the earlier Concretes record . Badger

Anonymous said...

I'd agree with Drew on the earlier Concretes record . Badger

Brian said...

I had no idea there was an earlier album from Concretes. Thanks for the heads up. I'm going to have to find that one.