Tuesday, May 17, 2016

ABCs of My Vinyl Collection (Letter C, Part 2)

You get two of my heroes in one post today. I hope they are favorites of yours, too. You'll read more about Ian Broudie and Paul Simpson later in this series. For now, let's concentrate on the brief history of their time together as Care. There were three singles between the spring of '83 and early '84, and all of them were perfect pieces of pop. Broudie's new-wave synth and jangly guitars meshed so well with Simpson's distinctive croon. "Flaming Sword" came closest to breaking through, peaking at an anemic No. 48 on the UK Singles Chart, but "Whatever Possessed You" has always been the one for me. It was a leftover from Simpson's early days in Wild Swans. Care assembled a proper album, 'Love Crowns and Crucifies,' but it was shelved after the singles failed to garner buzz. There would be many more bright moments for Broudie and Simpson, some even together, but not as Care. So here's another band in a long line on my shelf that make me scratch my head as I wonder how they missed fortune and fame.

Incidentally, Care (and Simpson in particular), have quite a following in Japan and the Philippines. So much so that it prompted Camden Records to release a CD compilation of the duo's work in 1997. 'Diamonds & Emeralds' is no longer in print, but you can find it used in the usual places. Although the packaging is underwhelming, if you don't have the singles, it's worth seeking out. All of the following songs with the exception of the 12" version of "Whatever Possessed You" can be found there, and you can probably live without the additional 75 seconds. Other than length, the two takes are almost identical.

"Flaming Sword" (12")
"My Boyish Days (Drink to Me)" (12")
"Whatever Possessed You" (7")
"Whatever Possessed You" (12")


TheRobster said...

Blimey, Flaming Sword. There's one that has got me rummaging through my memory banks. It's a track that appeared on a chart compilation I bought around the time, which is interesting considering its lowly placing. Haven't heard it in many years.

I can't listen to it right now, but I will do so when I get home tonight to see if I remember it.

Echorich said...

it's a tough choice to say which of these brilliant musicians I enjoy more, but I have a really soft spot for the musical travels of Paul Simpson. Wild Swans is one of those cult bands that almost, could have, should have broke through. Broudie - primarily in Lightning Seeds guise, has made some brilliant pop and kept one Terry Hall's bank account in round figures for a few decades now.
Care was really special. That it wasn't a group that was ever found by an audience is ok. Some cult bands should remain that way to preserve the magic. Care had lots of magic to work with.

The Swede said...

As I was working behind the counter of a record shop at the time, I thought that the band's name or the record sleeve might ring some distant bell in the foggy recesses of my brain, but I've got absolutely nothing. Odd really, as 'Flaming Sword' is an absolute peach of a pop single - absolutely love it.

Brian said...

Robster, Hope you find it. Let me know if you remember the comp it was on. Perhaps there are some other gems on it I don't know about.

Echorich, Ian has "...kept one Terry Hall's bank account in round figures for a few decades now." That was a good laugh. But true. I know we are simpatico when it comes to Hall, Broudie and Simpson. Hoping we can recruit some more, but Care might just be for us... especially in our country.

Swede, I think your comment says a lot. Like you said, you were behind the counter. Wish you knew these, but maybe not too surprised that you don't. All three could have and should have been hits. Hope you get a chance to spin them a few times.

JC said...

Brian....we had that conversation many years ago when we met.

Care, as you know, have always been one of my favourites. I think this was their only ever TV appearance. I have it on VHS tape.


JC said...


I still haven't got my hands on a decent priced 12" of the third single. You couldn'y by any chance send over the otherwise unavailable b-sides?? I'd be indebted.....

That's almost midnight here. Time to watch the first hour of the Blue Jays game. I'll return tomorrow!!!!

Brian said...

JC, I believe the B-side to the 12" is Besides Parts 1-4. You probably have Parts 1 and 2 from the CD comp, but I'll make sure you get what you need, as well as the slightly longer version of Whatever Possessed You I had up back in the spring. Expect a note in your email later this weekend. Enjoy the Great White North!