Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Boyracer Crosses the Finish Line

Back in December, I wrote about rediscovering Boyracer... and not a moment too soon. As a victory lap after nearly 50 band members and a quarter century of entertaining us with their particular brand of pop punk, the Sarah and Slumberland vets had just released the "Pete Shelley" 7". Quite a swan song it was, too, only it turns out I buried Stewart Anderson's band without checking for a pulse. Oops. Boyracer recently split a 7" with an Emotional Response labelmate, and it's another doozy. Check out "Everyone's a Critic" below. It's one of two greats from the band on the A-side, and the debut of Denver's American Culture will have you thinking of "Starry Eyes" with just a smidge of the Reid brothers thrown in for a fuzzy powerpop peach of a B-side.

Stewart and his wife Jen (co-founders of Emotional Response Records) say "these recordings are part of the final piece of the Boyracer jigsaw." That's just ambiguous enough to make you wonder whether we could hear Boyracer circle the track again. In case this 7" really is it, though, I suggest you do a little racing yourself because the single has been out for a while and stock is said to be dwindling. Only six bucks for a bit of history, and the sound is far from a relic.


Echorich said...

That was good fun!

Brian said...

Sure is, Echorich... and their other song on here might even be better. I think I missed out on many good years with Boyracer.

kevinpat said...

!978!!! Stiff records. The Jam!!!! I like it!! Any song that has claps I'm sold.