Friday, July 25, 2014

Lounge in the Living Room

Let's go straight to the disclaimer: This is most certainly the worst sounding official release in my entire collection. So much so, in fact, I have held off posting about Creation's first full-length LP for several years. It says right on the cover to "Pay No More Than £2.99" for a reason. With the benefit of hindsight, of course, seeing bands like the June Brides or the Pastels at Alan McGee's Tottenham Court Road club would be a top time machine moment for this fella. Here's what Mr. McGee had to say about those days:

Between August 1983 and February 1984 The Living Room was where it happened in London... From that first sweaty night with The Nightingales until the Police Raid at The Personalities gig in February, The Living Room stood for something, most importantly something different to each individual... To this Lost Soul The Living Room meant a place I could go... Nothing to do with Trends, Fashions, Haircuts or Clothes... Jasmine Minks, Three Johns, The Loft or The Legend! all Brilliant all different... Nothing to do with any Cult or Fashion... If you are the type of person that needs deep meanings then ponder on this one... The Living Room meant more in its WC1 residency than Bono Vox, Ian McCullough, Jim Kerr, Kirk Brandon, Ian Page or Jimmy Pursey ever will... But what does it all mean you ask?... Better ask The Legend! that one... -- The Crapachinno Kid...

How about a handful from CRE LP 001, 'Alive in the Living Room,' warts and all? As McGee mentioned, the selection from Television Personalities " cut short due to a police raid on the club." It may not sound great, but "Three Wishes" makes for a very memorable album (and club) closer.

Jasmine Minks - Seven and Seven Is (Live)
The June Brides - I Fall (Live)
The Loft - Your Door Shines Like Gold (Live)
Television Personalities - Three Wishes (Live)

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