Thursday, July 3, 2014

Could This Be When the Bluebells Bloomed?

If you like your '80s indie pop straight outta Scotland, and I know I certainly do, this is terrific news. The Bluebells' much sought after pre-London Records material has been collected by Cherry Red and will be released July 28 as 'Exile on Twee Street: Songs From Glasgow 1980-1982.' All but one of the 20 tracks are said to be previously unreleased. The exception is the flexidisc version of "Happy Birthday" that was on the excellent 'Scared to Get Happy' box set last year. I have always liked the rerecorded take found on the flip side of the "Sugar Bridge (It Will Stand)" 12" in '83, but the flexidisc version turned out to superior in just about every way. Point is, I'm hopeful early recordings of songs like "Wishful Thinking" and "Tender Mercy" will be gems too. Hey, it was certainly true of Friends Again's output on Moonboot Records.

While we count the days to this release, let's listen to one of my favorites from 1982. To be clear, this is not the version that opens 'Sisters,' the band's full-length album from 1984. If you only know that one, you're in for a treat.

The Bluebells - Everybody's Somebody's Fool

'Exile on Twee Street: Songs From Glasgow 1980-1982' Tracklist:
1. Everybody's Somebody's Fool
2. Some Sweet Day
3. Happy Birthday
4. No One Ever Waves Goodbye
5. One Last Love Song
6. Wishful Thinking
7. Oh Dear
8. You're Gonna Miss Me
9. East Green
10. Red Guitars
11. Sugar Bridge
12. Forevermore
13. Holland
14. Honest John
15. Stand Up Cowboy
16. Small Town Martyr
17. Learn to Love
18. All the King's Horses
19. Tender Mercy
20. I'm Set Free

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