Monday, May 5, 2014

UK Indie Hits: 1980-89 (No. 17)

I'm counting down my top 50 singles from the golden age of the UK Independent Charts.

17. Josef K - "It's Kinda Funny"

Other Contenders: Postcard singles "Radio Drill Time" and "Chance Meeting" could be here, as well as the band's swan song, a Peel Session take called "The Missionary." Truth be told, Josef K would have been in consideration for the top spot if "Sorry for Laughing" was eligible for this list.

Chart Entry: Dec. 13, 1980

Peak Position: No. 12

Comment: It's quite a coincidence that Josef K's 'The Only Fun in Town' is reissued again today as I praise Postcard's fifth single. Early on, Alan Horne was hesitant about signing the band because Paul Haig was too into the doom and gloom of Joy Division. Well, this mournful and moving song is said to be inspired by the death of Ian Curtis, and it proved to be, in my opinion, Josef K's finest moment for the label. Alan, you made a wise decision. When it comes to Postcard, Orange Juice gets more attention, and I'm as guilty as anyone on this point, but I find it interesting through the years I have taken generous amounts of time (and money) to track down all of Josef K's Postcard singles, but I haven't done the same for all of OJ's early 7" output. It's kinda funny... indeed.

Buy "It's Kinda Funny" and the rest of Josef K's Postcard output on 'Entomology.'


Echorich said...

I came to Postcard based on hearing Orange Juice, and I've always loved them and everything Edwyn Collins has done, but it's Josef K that makes Postcard really important to me. It's Kinda Funny has more to do with The Velvets for me than Joy Division, to the point that I wish they had done an entire album of Velvets covers while at Postcard. The temp changes of It's Kinda Funny are fascinating and always keep me kinda (see what I did there?) on the edge of my seat.

Brian said...

Good call, Echorich. I'm just finishing up Simon Goddard's book on Postcard and one thing I have learned is how revered VU was among Alan Horne and his entire stable.

Echorich said...

Looking forward to reading SG's Postcard, if only to see what so many have complained about. I have to think it's of a dangerous job to try and figure out Alan Horne or disassemble the Postcard Pack.