Wednesday, May 7, 2014

UK Indie Hits: 1980-89 (No. 16)

I'm counting down my top 50 singles from the golden age of the UK Independent Charts.

16. Another Sunny Day - "You Should All Be Murdered"

Other Contenders: ASD may be best remembered for the C86 anthem "Anorak City," but the song didn't chart. The No. 12 hit "I'm in Love With a Girl Who Doesn't Know I Exist" is a sad song that often makes indie-pop comps, and it received serious consideration for this list. The No. 19 "What's Happened" deserves a mention too.

Chart Entry: Dec. 9, 1989

Peak Position: No. 15

Comment: Like heroes Amelia Fletcher and Ian Broudie that preceded him on this list, Harvey Williams is one of those names that popped up over and over again on my records, from Blueboy to the Field Mice to the Hit Parade, but Another Sunny Day was his baby. Williams played and produced everything that would become one of my all-time favorite albums from the period, 'London Weekend.' The liner notes from the Cherry Red reissue describes the context of this Smiths-like single as growing out of "the mainstream culture of greed that grew monstrous through Thatcher's '80s." When you think of Sarah Records, sad sacks often come to mind, but this song is not about self pity. You can really feel the frustration and rage.... and what a solo!

Buy "You Should All Be Murdered" on 'London Weekend.'


Echorich said...

I'll admit that Another Sunny Day didn't really hit my radar much at the time and suffered from too much Smiths comparison to these ears by the time You Should All Be Murdered was released. But as I listen to this again, for the first time in a VERY long time, I'm kinda drawn to the sound and vocals.
Thanks Brian for allowing me to reconsider.

Brian said...

Thanks for giving it another shot, Echorich. Most of London Weekend sounds very little like the Smiths, but the comparison makes sense on this particular track. So, don't let it scare you off. I actually think the album would be right up your alley.

Dirk said...

Here, for once, I wouldn't have had ANY difficulties whatsoever to choose this one as the winner (as well) against the other two songs! Great tune, great choice!

Brian said...

You have made my day, Dirk, but I know you will never forgive me for choosing Beatnik Boy over Talulah Gosh. This gives me a chance to give you a big thanks for telling off that imposter Graham a couple of weeks ago over at the TVV. What a douche.

Brian said...

I have actually enjoyed Goddard's book quite a bit, but I know I'm in the minority. He tackled a tough subject, especially when you consider the subjects he interviewed seemed to be more interested in publishing the legend than how things really went down. Goddard does his level best to give them their say while printing the conflicts as well. If you can, give it a read.

Dirk said...

Yeah, unbelievable fellow, ey? What a twat ....