Wednesday, April 2, 2014

UK Indie Hits: 1980-89 (No. 33)

I'm counting down my top 50 singles from the golden age of the UK Independent Charts.

33. The Brilliant Corners - "Delilah Sands"

Other Contenders: There were a slew of singles to choose from, but "Teenage" would be my distant second to this one.

Chart Entry: Oct. 24, 1987

Peak Position: No. 9

Comment: I have never met anyone that liked these guys, and the critics were usually pretty harsh as well. One legendary music magazine reviewed this single in two sentences: "The little beat from Bristol puts up its hand and asks to be excused. Don't hurry back." This same publication may have made a better point when reviewing another song a year later: "Unfortunately, like The Groove Farm, The Brilliant Corners' records are rarely as brilliant as their sleeves." That may be true, as I bought my first records by them without hearing a note. I could just tell by the cover they would be my cup of tea.

I take no offense at the "twee" label, and I like the humorous (and often bizarre) lyrics listeners tend to moan about, such as "I would bite you if I had the teeth" from this song. Plus, I'm a sucker for trumpet in my pop, and Dan Pacini's horn is all over the band's best work. If you don't know the Brilliant Corners, try the album 'Somebody Up There Likes Me.' Better yet, find the Canadian version. There are 11 bonus songs, including "Delilah Sands" and a bunch of other singles.

Buy "Delilah Sands" on 'Heart on Your Sleeve.'


Echorich said...

I'm sorry, what is not to love about Brilliant Corners? From their pre C-86 beginnings to the early 90's they released some great pop. Very much in the same league as The Monochrome Set and, to some extent, early Postcard, they always hit a positive chord with me. Toss up between Delilah Sands, Trust Me and Brian Rix for me. In their later albums there seemed to be a bit more of a Lou Reed feel that fit right in with their sound.

Brian said...

Echorich, You have made my day. The Monochrome Set comparison is a good one. Both bands know how to have fun with a song.

Dirk said...

This is blasphemy spread out by some tossers whose favourite band is U2! Apparently these legendary music magazine makers have never listened to the "Growing Up Absurd" Mini-LP or the utterly fantastic "Fruit Machine" - EP

I still think that "Growing ..." was the best record of 1985.

Brian said...

Hey Dirk. I love these EPs too. About five years ago, Cherry Red compiled the two of them, added What's in a Word for good measure, and released the three on a single CD. It was like manna from heaven.

george said...

I have the 12 inch version of "I love it I lost it" and that is a tremendous record. And I've just remembered I have a compilation Creamy Stuff. A fine record.

george said...

And I forgot to add that Delilah Sands is a damned fine catchy pop song.

Brian said...

Echorich, Dirk and George,
This is such a great day. I'm not alone on an island with Davey Woodward after all.

friend of rachel worth said...

I have the 7" of Brian Rix and mighty fine it is too

Brian said...

Brian Rix is wonderful, FORW. I always like the video, too.