Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New Woodentops On the Way

The Woodentops' 'Giant' was one of my giants in 1986. So, when I was on Cherry Red's site the other day I was excited to see the band is about release its first new album in 25 years. The first single from 'Granular Tales,' out Feb. 24 (March 4 in America), is "Third Floor Rooftop High," and that song will be available for download on Feb. 17. You can sample a bit of it here. In the meantime, listen to these full songs from the label:

I have read a couple of early reviews, and the word is very good. Here is a little video vignette on the making of the new album that's quite entertaining.


Uncle E said...

Giant is a real gem of the 1980's, for me anyway. Rolo McGinty was even a part of Pat Fish's crew (the incredible and, quite similar, Jazz Butcher) back in da day.

This is exciting news about a new one, had no idea, but now a note has been made and I shall await it with great excitement!


Brian said...

Hi E. Hope all is well. I really need to catch up with Jazz Butcher. I have a handful of songs from comps, but I don't even have one album... sad to say. I know you're a huge fan. Crossing my fingers with new Woodentops.