Monday, February 10, 2014

New Neil Finn This Week

Where has the time gone? It's difficult to believe 12 years have passed since 'One All,' but Neil Finn follows up that second solo album this week with 'Dizzy Heights.' I have heard two songs so far, and it's pretty obvious Finn wanted to challenge himself and his fans with something a little more than the catchy pop-song formula that has made him famous. Yes, I think this album will be a grower.

'Dizzy Heights' was co-produced by Dave Fridmann. I know him from his work with the Flaming Lips, and he appears to have pushed Finn sonically in much the same was as he did with Wayne Coyne and pals in the 'Yoshimi' days. It's also interesting to note Finn's album is a family affair. I heard his wife sing on the last Crowded House album, and I also saw her perform with the band when they toured America nearly four years ago, but she plays some bass on 'Dizzy Heights, and their sons also contributed to the record. It will be interesting to hear how this infusion of youth plays out on wax.

Well, let's get to the music. Here are a couple of songs. "Flying in the Face of Love" is the song that's being pushed right now, and it's less experimental and easier to digest than "Divebomber," but both of them will eventually grab you. If you have an extra 12 minutes, check out the interview below he gave recently to a radio station from Perth. Finn talks about bending pop out of shape, his appreciation for Tame Impala and how easy it would be to get Crowded House going again. He also plays a stripped down "Flying in the Face of Love."

Finn is a touring madman between now and May. Is he coming to your town? He's coming to mine.


Tabatha said...

Have you seen the film clip for the title track yet?

Brian said...

Thanks Tabatha. I had not seen this video. Since this post I have picked up the record, however, and I am enjoying it quite a bit. Really like this song. Go Neil!