Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New Life for the Vinyl Villain

The best music blog on the planet has been shuttered by an evil Internet empire... but only for a heartbeat. The new Vinyl Villain will be resurrected here:

The Vinyl Villain

You can breathe now. Bookmark that sucker. Best of luck to you, JC. You're an inspiration.

Zones - New Life (mp3)

I considered Paul Young's "Come Back and Stay" (which would have been a big smile for regular TVV readers), but this doesn't seem like the time for such levity.


JC said...

Thanks comrade

The Paul Young reference made me laugh out loud....

Echorich said...

Thanks for the heads up Brian!! I am back up to date with JC and his wonderful world of music.

Uncle E said...

Love The Vinyl Villain! I did not know anything was up. Shall bookmark it. Hey, since you introduced me to the wonders of the Wondermints, might I suggest a little band called Beulah, and their wonderful album entitled The Coast Is Never Clear? I love it. You may have already heard it, but if you haven't I think you'll dig it.

Uncle E said...

Oops, just discovered via your archive that you have heard of Beulah. Never mind. OK, how about my all time favorite album of the 90's Giant Steps by Boo Radleys? The Pet Sounds of the decade in my opinion. If Friends/Sunflower/Surfs Up is your bag I think you'll dig this modern take on psychedelia.

Brian said...

Ok, Unc, you've got me on Boo Radleys. Yes, I have heard some of their stuff, but I don't own this album. I'll keep an eye out for it. This is the second time you have gotten me this week. I don't have Muswell Hillbillies either. It will disappoint you to know I have them all through Arthur but nothing after that (except on compilations). I know I know. It's time to get into the '70s stuff.

Thanks for all of the ideas, and Beulah rules! Really miss that band, and I don't think Yoko was the best way to go out either.