Saturday, July 13, 2013

Canada's Finest Export

This one is for my pal Ian over at Uncle E's Musical Nightmares. It would be easy to poke a little fun at him for waxing poetic about the country that gave us Bieber and Nickelback (see link above), but I just can't do it. Why? Turns out we have a mutual love for the greatest show to ever hit the airwaves... SCTV. This song is from Bob and Doug McKenzie's 'The Great White North' LP, circa 1981. What a smash! "Take Off" made it all the way to No. 16 on Billboard's singles chart. Geddy Lee has never had a bigger hit. Jokes aside, Uncle E, I thought your post was touching.

Bob & Doug McKenzie Featuring Geddy Lee - Take Off (mp3)

And just for the hell of it, here is my personal list of the best reoccurring characters from SCTV. I cheated a bit by grouping some together so I could cram on a few more.

Top 15 Reoccurring SCTV Characters
1. Dr. Tongue and Woody Tobias Jr. as Bruno
2. Johnny LaRue
3. Bob and Doug McKenzie
4. Sammy Maudlin, Bobby Bittman and William B. Williams
5. The Shmenges
6. Count Floyd
7. Jackie Rogers Jr.
8. Irving Cohen
9. Juul Haalmeyer Dancers
10. Lin Ye Tang
11. Tex and Edna Boil
13. Guy Caballero
14. Mel Slirrup
15. Gerry Todd


Uncle E said...

You know you've got me right where you want me now, dontcha? I remember buying that Bob and Doug album when it came cout and playing the you-know-what out of it at the time. Especially love The Twelve Days Of Christmas and The Beer Hunter. And there is something quite delicious in the fact that Geddy's biggest hit was Take If you like SCTV, may I suggest Rick Moranis and his little solo comedy LP You, Me The Music and Me? Hard to find, but so worth it. Let me know if you cannot find it. Lastly, so many amazing characters, but how could you forget the great Earl Camembert? FOR SHAME!

Thanks for the great post

Uncle E said...

Oh, and that's ROCKIN' Mel Slirrup, if you please!

Brian said...

Hey Unc. Mel is on there, but Earl just missed the cut. I should have cheated and stuck him on there with Count Floyd. Thanks for the tip on the Moranis album.

Brian said...

ah, yes, I see. I should have added "Rockin" for sure. Point taken.

Uncle E said...