Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Time to Play Another Sunny Day

The song that got me into Another Sunny Day was "Anorak City," a Sarah Records single from '88 that appeared on a C86 compilation I still listen to quite often. This is Another Sunny Day's first record, and it's about as upbeat as a Sarah song gets. It's all bounce and fuzz, and the song grabbed me in a way that got me to the record shop looking for more. Incidentally, for those of you on this side of the pond, here is a great thread from the Guardian explaining the term anorak.

It wasn't too long before I learned Another Sunny Day wasn't really a band at all. This was more or less one guy. Harvey Williams released just one full-length album under the Another Sunny Day moniker, but it's quite possibly my favorite album from the Sarah catalog. Most of the songs on 'London Weekend' (1992) are more subdued (sad sacks unite!!) and typically Sarah than "Anorak City," but Williams packs a little something extra in his jangle that gets your head bobbing whether you want to or not. With songs like "I'm in Love with a Girl Who Doesn't Know I Exist" and "You Should All Be Murdered," however, it doesn't take long to realize he must have been a good fit with the label folks in Bristol.

Williams would also play with Blueboy for a bit, and he released albums under his own name. I knew I had seen his name other places, and I noticed recently he popped up on something I have by the Hit Parade. When I think about it, Williams and Julian Henry's band sound quite a bit alike.

As they have done so many times with my favorite albums, Cherry Red remastered 'London Weekend' a few years ago and released it with bonus material. You need to have this one.

Another Sunny Day - Anorak City (mp3)
Another Sunny Day - What's Happened to You, My Dearest Friend? (mp3)

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