Friday, January 4, 2013

Not So Easy for Easy Street Records After All

These are sad but all-too-familiar days here in Rain City. A couple of days ago we learned a Seattle institution, Easy Street Records, would be closing its Queen Anne location for good on Jan. 18. The West Seattle store remains open, but this spot on Mercer was my place. If I don't make it over there again -- but I probably will since stock went on sale beginning today -- my last purchase will have been The Servants' 'Youth Club Disco*' on vinyl just one week ago. Not a bad way to go out, to be sure, but, like a friend, I thought this shop would always be there for me.

The property owners, apparently, wanted Easy Street to sign a new and very lengthy lease. It wasn't worth the risk. So, enjoy the new Chase bank that's about to open in its place. Kind of reminds me of the characters in the film 'Best in Show' that met at Starbucks. Not the same Starbucks. They saw each other from across the street... at two different Starbucks. Easy Street is going out in style: Yo La Tengo will be performing on the last day. Say "goodbye" if you can.

I know most of you aren't from the Pacific Northwest, and I rarely go local on the blog, but I'm sure you can understand the loss. Chances are it has happened to you.

Oingo Boingo - Goodbye-Goodbye (mp3)

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