Friday, December 21, 2012

Top Albums of 2012

5. 'Amalgamation and Devotion'
Chris Devotion and the Expectations
The first time I listened to this album out of Glasgow I would have sworn this was a front for an Any Trouble reunion.

4. 'Mr. M'
Without this one I would be completely irrelevant with the indie hipsters. Seriously, this album is beautiful and has deserved all of the year-end accolades.

3. 'One Day I'm Going to Soar'
Twenty-seven years later, the clock still hasn't struck midnight on Kevin Rowland. Not everyone will, but I completely bought into this concept album... just like I did with 'Don't Stand Me Down' back in the day.

2. 'Reading Too Much Into Things Like Everything'
The School
I'm a sucker for the Brill Building sound and bands influenced by '60s girl groups. Obviously, there have been quite a few of those the last decade or so, but this Welsh outfit is the best I have heard since early Pipettes. Do yourself a favor and get both of their albums.

1. 'Europe'
Allo Darlin'
You don't have to miss the jangle of Sarah Records. It has been quite a reward to follow Elizabeth Morris' growth since her days with Amelia Fletcher in Tender Trap.

Honorable Mentions
Frankie Rose - 'Interstellar'
Cats on Fire - 'All Blackshirts to Me'
The Beach Boys - 'That's Why God Made the Radio'
A.C. Newman - 'Shut Down the Streets'
Jens Lekman - 'I Know What Love Isn't'

HAL - 'The Time The Hour'
Paul Weller - 'Sonik Kicks'
The dB's - 'Falling Off the Sky'


Echorich said...

Kudos for being able to fit just a top 5...I am still seriously pouring over 72 albums from the past 12 months and have rearranged the top 20 four times...oh the trails of trainspotters... Dexy's and Allo Darlin are in there for me...just not sure where yet...

Brian said...

Hey Echorich. Let me know when it's ready for public consumption. Can't wait to see it. Happy Holidays.

Rob-in-Brevard said...

Hope you'll give The dB's new album another chance in the New Year.

Awesome stuff, methinks...

Brian said...

Hey Rob-in-Brevard
After the "Picture Sleeve" single, dB's was probably my most anticipated album of the year. Just didn't think there was anything even close to that good on 'Falling.' I do have a soft spot for a song on the record, however, and it will be on my best songs list (out in a day or two!). Good to hear from you. Best wishes!