Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Top 25 Songs of 2012

First One Out: The Twilight Sad - "Another Bed"

25. M. Ward - "Primitive Girl"

24. The dB's - "Write Back"*

23. The Shins - "Simple Song"

22. Paul Weller - "That Dangerous Age"

21. Seapony - "What You Wanted"

20. The Hermit Crabs - "Stop This Now"

19. The June Brides - "A January Moon"

18. Marshall Crenshaw - "I Don't See You Laughing Now"

17. Lambchop - "If Not I'll Just Die"

16. Cats on Fire - "A Few Empty Waves"

15. Strawberry Whiplash - "Stop Look and Listen"**

14. Tilbury - "Tenderloin"

13. The Walkmen - "Heaven"

12. Jens Lekman - "I Know What Love Isn't"

11. The Beach Boys - "Pacific Coast Highway"

10. Here We Go Magic - "Make Up Your Mind"

9. Primitives - "Turn Off the Moon"

8. Jason Lytle - "Get Up and Go"

7. A.C. Newman - "I'm Not Talking"

6. Frankie Rose - "Know Me"

5. Dexys - "She Got a Wiggle"

4. Jim Noir - "Tea"

3. Blur - "Under the Westway"

2. The School - "Where Does Your Heart Belong?"

1. Allo Darlin' "Northern Lights"

* Technically came out as the B-side to a 7" single released on Record Store Day in 2011 but is included on the band's full-length album released in 2012.
** Technically came out as a 7" single in December 2011 but was included on the band's full-length album in 2012.


Echorich said...

Very interesting list! We have only two tracks in common on our lists and one does not surprise me and the other does...I'll share my list or at least the link to it once I post it, but the two in common are Dexy's She's Got A Wiggle (the not so surprising one) and other is The Primitive's Turn Off The Moon!!! The who Primitive album scored really high with me, but TOTM is the prize at the bottom of the cracker jacks box for me! I'm afraid you will likely scoff at the majority of my list as there is much throw away pop on it, but I stand behind it as a reflection of what got me through the year... more to come.

Brian said...

Really looking forward to seeing it, Echorich. I'm a curious sort, and I love when someone I respect has new music for me to dive into. Happy New Year!