Thursday, March 17, 2011

Exene Cervenka Belts Out a Beauty

I have been pretty ill the past couple of weeks. So, I didn't get to write about a new album that came out last week that is certainly worth a mention. Exene Cervenka may be 55 years old and hampered with serious health issues herself, but I find her latest album to be inspirational work. Don't expect 'The Excitement of Maybe' to get you moving like 'Los Angeles' or 'Wild Gift' did decades ago when she was producing her best work with X, but take a step back and realize she, along with her music, is maturing with grace. For those of you who have followed her solo work, this album will seem like a logical next step from her 2009 album,'Somewhere Gone.' The big difference from that fine record is this one has more studio production and is not quite as raw. The album opener, found below, is a pretty good example of this sound... horns and all. Find 'The Excitement of Maybe' over at Bloodshot, or buy here. Well done, Ms. Cervenka.

Exene Cervenka - Already in Love (mp3)

'The Excitement of Maybe' Tracklist
1. Already In Love
2. Brand New Memory
3. Alone In Arizona
4. Falling
5. I Wish It Would Stop Raining
6. Turning With The World
7. Dirty Snow
8. Beyond You
9. Someday I'll Forget
10. Half Past Forever
11. I'll Admit It Now
12. Love And Haight
13. Long Time Ago (bonus track)

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