Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Top 10 Albums of 2010

If you have already checked out my Top 50 Tracks of 2010 list, none of the following picks for top albums of the year will be much of a surprise. It just happens that way sometimes. There isn't much science here. According to my iTunes, these are the albums that were played the most this year. It's as simple as that. The only exception would be 'Broken Dreams Club.' That's because it has only been out for a relatively short period of time. In case you're curious, Deerhunter, the Divine Comedy and Devo were the bands just out of the running. All in all, it was another stellar year in the world of indie music. It always will be as long as you dig... and digging is most of the fun anyway. See you in 2011.

10. Harlem - 'Hippies' (buy)
Listen: Gay Human Bones (mp3)

9. The Drums - 'The Drums' (buy)

8. Mates of State - 'Crushes' (buy)
Listen: Sleep the Clock Around (mp3)

7. Belle & Sebastian - 'Write About Love' (buy)

6. Tender Trap - 'Dansette Dansette' (buy)
Listen: Fireworks (mp3)

5. Club 8 - 'The People's Record' (buy)

4. Crowded House - 'Intriguer' (buy)

3. Girls - 'Broken Dreams Club' (buy)
Listen: Carolina (mp3)

2. Arcade Fire - 'The Suburbs' (buy)

1. She & Him - 'Volume 2' (buy)
Listen: Thieves (mp3)

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