Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jay Bennett Foundation Preps New Record

It has been more than a year since we lost a real musical treasure. The late Jay Bennett will be remembered most as the former Wilco multi-instrumentalist, but there are those of us who believe his album with Edward Burch, 'The Palace at 4am,' is a virtually ignored classic. As time and more Wilco albums are released, I also believe Bennett's contributions to his former band will become more and more appreciated. I have argued about this ever since I started this blog. So, I'll stop here.

Today is about the exciting news that the Jay Bennett Foundation is releasing 'Kicking At The Perfumed Air.' This is the album Bennett was working on at the time of his death. The foundation says: "While this is a posthumous release, it is exactly the album Jay wanted to make. Working from his own detailed production notes, we have made every effort to reflect his vision, from recording to sequencing." The free digital download will be available here beginning this Saturday (July 10), but JBF (headed by Jay's brother, Jeff, and Jay's mother, Jan) is hoping for a charitable donation from you. Give if you can. Here is a song from the new one to set the mood. Jay, thank you for all of the great music. You will not be forgotten.

Jay Bennett - Twice A Year (mp3)

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