Monday, May 25, 2009

Jay Bennett Blues

Today is a sad day as I write about Jay Bennett for the second time in a week. The former Wilco whiz passed away over the weekend in his Urbana, Ill., home. He was only 45.

As I said then, I think he was a much bigger part of Wilco's best years then the disciples of Jeff Tweedy will ever admit. Let's never forget Bennett's contributons on 'Summer Teeth' and his production values on 'Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.' I am not as familiar with his most recent solo work, but I really liked his first record with Edward Burch. Here are a couple of my favorites from 'The Palace at 4am (Part 1)'. Wilco die-hards will recognize 'Shakin Sugar' as a rerecorded 'Foxtrot' outtake called 'Alone'. You can download Bennett's latest, 'Whatever I Did I Apologize', absolutely free at Rock Proper. I'm giving it a listen right now. Rest in peace.

Jay Bennett & Edward Burch - Shakin Sugar (mp4)
Jay Bennett & Edward Burch - Puzzle Heart (mp4)

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