Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Indie Wins 'Tug of War' Over Macca Material

It really is the end of an era. EMI's struggles continue as we learn Paul McCartney is taking his post-Beatles catalog to Concord Music Group. Those are the folks that released his last studio album, 'Memory Almost Full,' as well as the live album 'Good Evening New York City.' Concord's first reissue of Sir Paul's work will be this fall with 'Band On The Run.'

As with all of the reissues, we have been promised remastered audio, enhanced packaging and rare bonus content. Is it possible Concord will have some material we haven't heard? That thought alone is what makes this announcement so exciting. More than two dozen albums are up for the deluxe treatment, including his solo albums, Wings discography and everything he recorded under the monikers Percy "Thrills" Thrillington, Twin Freaks and his Fireman collaboration with producer Youth. C'mon, Concord, 'Ram' these babies through ASAP.

I, for one, was pretty disappointed with the 25th Anniversary Edition of 'Band On The Run.' The bonus disc was filled with a lot of rehearsals and live versions of the album's songs that were recorded in the '80s and '90s. At least give us these tunes from the time period being covered... and from Wings! Worse, many of the tracks are recollections from McCartney himself as the song being discussed is playing in the background. How often does even a die-hard fan listen to those? Here are a couple of that bonus disc's better moments. Please, Concord, do better than this with your deluxe edition!

Paul McCartney - Band On The Run (Barn Rehearsal, July 21, 1989) (mp3)
Paul McCartney - Jet (Berlin Soundcheck, Sept. 3, 1993) (mp3)

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